Why Choose Southpaw Animal Health

Why Choose Southpaw Animal Health? We care, offer a wide range of services, and we won't break your bank!

When Dr. Drake began Southpaw Animal Health in 1996, she made it her mission to treat every patient as though it were her own pet and family member, not only in how the pet is handled but in the quality of medicine provided. She has instilled this in her staff as well.

Quite simply, our doctors love medicine, and this also means they love a challenge. While we do offer vaccinations and routine surgeries, Southpaw's approach to medicine focuses on total preventive healthcare, such as yearly bloodwork and special supportive care during surgical procedures. Because of their vast experience, our veterinarians rarely outsource their patients with more complex illnesses and injuries to specialists, they treat most of their own patients in-house.

We don't focus only on the simple stuff. Yes, we do vaccines - you can't live without them and they're very important to prevent both debilitating and deadly diseases in your pet. But we also offer in-house diagnostics such as bloodwork, digital radiography, and ultrasound; modern therapies such as companion laser therapy that has proven effective for chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and complex surgical procedures.

While we do need to keep our fees at a price that allows us to continue to move forward, we do try to keep our services as affordable as possible. And we accept many insurance carriers and Care Credit to broaden our client's options for their pet's healthcare.

We look forward to caring for your pet at Southpaw Animal Health.